Standard LED Lighting 48 Inch T8 Tube Light Replacement

by Jim on February 5, 2010

Product Description

Standard LED Lighting sells this 48 inch T8 tube light as a replacement for a standard fluorescent bulb of the same length. This tube light, which they call the Redwood, is available in two different LED configurations with three different color temperatures, but the one available at the Amazon Store is evidently the 15-watt 4100K version of the light. While this is a T8 bulb, these bulbs have a standard bipin base that can also be mounted in 48” T10 and T12 fixtures. These are generic Chinese-made LED tube lights with the 15-watt, 276-LED version appearing to have the same specifications as a tube light being sold by Britta Products. As with most of these tube light replacements, installation in a fluorescent fixture will require removal or bypass of the ballast (and starter if there is one). Complete details on how to install an LED tube light light such as the Redwood can be found in this post.

Product details include the following:

  • Product Name: Standard LED Lighting AF-T8/15 Redwood LED Tube Light, 1 Pack
  • Housing Material: Plastic casing and aluminum
  • Base Type: Standard Bipin
  • Input Power: 15 watts (for 276-LED version)
  • Input Voltage: 85-300VAC
  • LEDs: 276 (for 15 watt version, evidently also available in an 18 watt version with 330 LEDs)
  • Beam Spread: 120°
  • Length: 48” (120cm)
  • Diameter: 1-1/8″ (30mm)
  • Luminous Flux: 1,500 lm or 1,800 lm (again appears to depend on version ordered)
  • Light Colors Available: (3000~3500k) Warm White/(3500~5000k) Natural White/(5000~9000k) Cool White
  • Color Temperature: 2,800K – 7,000K (again depends on version ordered)
  • Bulb Life: 50,000 hours
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Safety Certifications: CE/RoHS/UL/FCC
Average Ratings
Overall Rating
Lumens 1,500
Color Temperature (3000~3500k) Warm White/(3500~5000k) Natural White/(5000~9000k) Cool White
LEDs 276
Input Power 15 watts
Price $87.86 (check link to confirm price and shipping costs)
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